All products in our range are manufactured with the highest quality standards to ensure the final product the best performance in accordance with the ISO standards.

A strong group that has been able to coordinate its activities by sharing every task within its own departments. In particular Biffi & Premoli, which has been present on the market since 1949, deals with the production and the selling of electrical components for cars and motorcycles such as fuses, terminals, fuse covers, terminal covers, metal and plastic caps for radiators, fuel tanks and oils, and filler necks.

Within our range there are also battery terminals, booster cables, oil dip sticks, braids mass and clamps.

The fuses are available in different types, and the different models are characterized by a difference constructive but not functional.
The terminals within our range have a variety of different sizes and shapes of the cross sections.
Finally, we can supply our plastic colored terminals in bags of different quantity.
The range of accessories is very different and various and consists of 20 items to be used as complements in a variety of contexts.

Fuses and Fuses Holders

Oil Dip Sticks and Accessories

Battery Terminals and Charging Clips


Filler Necks

To place an order please contact our office at the following numbers:

Tel. +39 0541 982208
Fax +39 0541 981144

If you wish to touch the quality of our products visit our factory in Mondaino:

Via Belvedere Fogliense, 633
47836 Mondaino (RN)